After reviewing the rubric, I feel that the easiest way to break this up is to assign everyone one aspect of the project, which can then be submitted to me and I will pool everything together in the power point.

Please submit to me the following on your topic:


One per person, make it clear and concise

Background information on topic

Define any key terms

Provide specific information on concepts

Provide specific examples as appropriate

Be sure all objective content has been covered


Restate key concepts

Review he objectives

What do you want the audience to take away?

Just send me a word document that contains the above information essentially enough for roughly 3-4 slides. Please use 2 separate references so we meet our minimum of 5. Review chapter 6 of the book as well.

 Specific topics for members:

Courtney – HITECH Act

Kasey – PQRS EHR

Shannon – Meaningful Use

Patrick – Creating abstract, putting all of the presentation together, reference list,summary page, and timely submission of the project.