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According to an article comprised by Grand Canyon University (2013), the management process is multi-functional and financially self-conscious. Responsibilities under the management title include planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and essentially taking control of the working environment. Leadership, although a bit more difficult to describe, has no actual say in formal matters, but remains just as powerful and influential nonetheless. Perhaps one could consider them the “heroes” of the group, where they offer positive influence without the authority to reprimand or terminate. Management is quite objective in nature, and is a series of coordinated efforts to control the cost and functionality of a work environment. On the other hand, leadership is subjective in basis, and involves the human experience as a whole. “Leadership is an activity of human engagement and a relationship experience founded in trust, communication, inspiration, action, and servant-hood” (Huber, 2010). Similarities between the two concepts include the fact that the end goals remain the same despite the difference in responsibility, authority, and pure definition. In other words, the goals of management and leadership overlap in that both involve achieving goals while still being able to work well with others. I believe that I can most certainly expand my influence to create change by taking advantage of the fact that my positive actions and continued ethical practices coupled with participation in my environment is a recipe for success. In the state of California, I am blessed enough to be a part of a nursing union that is essentially performing not only a leadership role, but also a management role for the betterment of my life and career as well as every other nurse that belongs to the association as well. Aside from that, it is our ethical and moral responsibility as a nurse to practice leadership by advocating, mentoring, nurturing, and encouraging not only our patients, but also each other. Such a thing is considered best practice, which I strive for during each and every shift worked.