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 I need a positive comment based in this argument..Between 120-15- words

Conflict is to come in to collision or disagreement. Some factors that could lead to conflict is, the nurses will feel like they dont have an opinion or that their opinion doesnt matter. They may even begin to feel like they are not respected. They all may have some type of feelings because someone new just walks in and starts changing everything thinking its going to make things better. As a nurse leader, I would first talk to my boss to find out why the changes are taking place. I would also find out the benefits of the change. Next I would speak to my team and inform them of the changes and why the changes took place. I will try to see the brighter side of things so I can better explain it to them in a way they would understand. Leaders are responsible for promoting growth and work by influencing and empowering others. A leader  As a team lead, I would find the positive side of the change. I would point out things thats very helpful. Then I will talk to my team individually and as a whole. I  would get everyones concerns and opinions about the changes and the new director. I would find out what they like and what they dont like about the changes. I would respect everyones opinions and concerns. I would then present the opinions and concerns to my manager. In the meantime, I will continue to encourage my team. I will go over and beyond to make them feel better.

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