for phyllis young

For this assignment, use the information and knowledge you gathered in writing your nursing issues paper in Unit 2 and your policy boundaries paper in Unit 5. This helps to provide an analysis of the current policy, which directs care around your selected nursing or health care issue.

  • Write a 3–5 page policy analysis paper. Remember that policy can be formed from legislation, executive orders, court decisions, and governmental or professional regulations.
  • Apply the ethics of care analysis framework and consider:
    • How attentive is the policy to the needs of health care consumers? Is health care accessible, affordable, and appropriate?
    • Who is responsible for ensuring that care is delivered to those in need? In what ways do they meet this responsibility? In what ways do they fall short?
    • How competent is the system of care that is responsible for the delivery of care on all levels, from individual staff to administration?
    • How responsive is the system of care to those in need of care? Is the system more responsive to some than others? Who gets left out?
    • What are the consequences of this policy in terms of quality of care and access to care? Who suffers and in what ways?
    • How well does the policy reflect nursing’s values of caring, collaboration, collectivity, and high-touch care?
    • How well does the policy reflect the ethics of care philosophy and principles?
    • What are the power relations between those in need of care and those providing care (both the institutions and its individual members)? How empowering is the policy for patients, for nursing care providers, and for institutions in the health care system?
    • To what extent does the policy support the provision of comprehensive care? To what extent does it fragment care?
    • What challenges to care or gaps in care does this policy present?
    • What ethical issues does this policy raise in the delivery of care, and in the maintenance or creation of health disparities?
  • Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources with the majority being peer-reviewed sources. Be sure to find and use policy evaluation studies in addition to other empirical research to support your analysis.
  • Your reference list should be appropriate to the body of literature available on this topic that has been published in the past five years.
  • Use APA style and formatting throughout your paper and when citing your sources.