A3 project plan form

Please find the information and the form attached , I have already done the first draft and here is the feedback from the preceptor that you have to take on consideration when you start fill in the form . I just need you fill in the form

preceptor‘s feedback

This is what we discussed, but this appears to be information I discussed w/you. I am not seeing a lot of time/work reflected in this draft. Our timeline is to submit to Drs. Poe/Lehmann on JUL7th

As we spoke on Friday, JUN 30th I mentioned that this A3 would serve you well in writing your capstone paper. In fact, I suggested that you should be able to take portions from the A3 and use it for your paper.

Here are my concerns:

I do not see any information under BACKGROUND, only the search terms we discussed (I provided). JUN 30th we talked about using the literature results to formulate some of the background. Also, you should be able to assimilate the background for the NEAT project (we discussed previously) into this section. That builds the case for the problem/activity.

In terms of PROBLEM/ACTIVITY we discussed several times how the IP NEAT data comes from Epic and that it would be beneficial to have data from direct observation to understand how the IP Neat data compares with direct observation data. I do not see that reflected in this section.

GOALS: should be written as SMART goals or some other structured format. At the end of the day, the reader should have a crisp and clear understanding of what you intend to achieve and in what time frame. âCollect data and compareâ is not a goal but a process