Case Managers

In a 4-6 page paperCase managers work in a variety of settings related to criminal justice. Some may work directly for a criminal justice agency while others may work for non-governmental agencies, providing services to criminal justice clients. Regardless of the setting or agency, case managers share some similar characteristics and follow similar guidelines.Write a paper of 4–6 pages that explains the various roles of case management and the resources available to help case managers succeed. Make sure your cover the following:How is the role different for correctional counselors, probation officers, and social workers?Are some people more suited for certain areas than others?What types of people become case managers?What official resources are available?What types of knowledge bases are required for case managers?Consider the resources available for case managers. Explore at least 3 of the following resources, and discuss how case managers might utilize them for support:Case Management Society of AmericaNational Association of Social WorkersAmerican Psychological Associationvarious state correctional counseling associationsIn 4-6 paragraphsYou are a case manager for a juvenile on probation who has a history of marijuana use, gang involvement, and fighting in school. His teachers have complained that he is sometimes disruptive and disrespectful in class. He is a junior in high school and is also a standout player on the school’s football and basketball teams. Recently, he was charged with selling marijuana on school property. As a case manager for a non-governmental agency (NGO), you have been assigned this case.Respond to the following in your discussion post:Who are the other professionals that might be involved in this client’s treatment team?What goals or motivations might each of these professionals have that could pose a challenge to you?Identify at least 1 way that you would attempt to overcome each challenge.