UOP Week 3 LAW 421

DQ1 is due tonight, DQ2 due tomorrow, DQ3/Individual due mondayDQ1- 150 wordsWhat are the essential elements necessary to form a valid contract? Provide examples of each. Under what conditions can contractual duties be modified? When does promissory estoppel apply? Provide an example.DQ2- 150 wordsWhat is the difference between a material breach of contract and a nonmaterial breach of contract? What are some examples of legal and equitable remedies available for breach of contracts? What are some legal excuses for nonperformance or other grounds for discharge of contracts? Provide examples.DQ3- 150 wordsWhat are the differences between a void contract and a voidable contract? Provide examples. Which party or parties to a voidable contract have the right to disaffirm the contract? Can written agreements be modified orally? Explain why or why not.IndividualArticle ReviewResource: University of Phoenix Material: Article Review Format Guide located on the student website, and an article from the University of Phoenix online library.Locate an article specifically related to a contract dispute either between two businesses, or between a business and a consumer, written in the past three years.  DO NOT use a website or webpage as your article – find an article which was published within the past three years. I suggest you use the UOP Library, as it will quickly return several good choices, and you can limit the search to the past three years easily.Write at least a 750-word review of the article. Your review should assess the different types of and legal protections for intellectual property. Analyze the legal issues of e-business to include intellectual property, privacy, ethics, and security.  Note that this assignment is notto write a summary of the article.  Although you can point out key facts from the article, this assignment should demonstrate how you can use the information gained to identify the legal issues of e-business, intellectual property, privacy, ethics, or security.  It should reflect your thoughts on these topics based upon the facts and law discussed in the article.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Include at least two references beyond the article itself.  One should be the article you are reviewing, one may be the textbook, and you should find and use at least one other.