Career In Criminal Justice Assignment 3 Individual Assignment

Interview 3 criminal justice professionals from different areas of the criminal justice field in your local jurisdiction. Make sure you obtain the following information:The name of the intervieweeThe name of the interviewee’s departmentThe interviewee’s specific interests in becoming the criminal justice professional that he or she is (this could vary depending upon the interviewee’s response)The interviewee’s department hiring requirements, for example initial testing, physical agility, background investigation (including the length of time for completion), or medical and psychological testingThe interviewee’s description of what and where his or her initial training took place (i.e., police academy or related training facility)How long the training lastedThe interviewee’s department’s probationary time and successful completion requirementsIn essay format, write a report that includes the above information and focuses on the following as well:How the interviewee became interested in his or her particular field of criminal justiceThe career inquires he or she made that led them to his or her job positionThe hiring process that he or she had to partake in and the training required once hiredThe probationary time required for successful completion of his or trainingA critique of their descriptions and brief comparison of differences in job requirementsThis assignment will be assessed using additional criteria provided here. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CHART HOW YOU WORK WILL BE GRADED UPON  FOLLOWINGPlease submit your assignment.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.Unit Materials