Need a 8-10 paper written

Hello I need a 8-10 page paper written In Criminal Justice here is the assigment.The 5 rehabilitative treatment types I chose is,Sex offender,  Substance abuse, Behavior, Religious, PsychologicalSelect five (5) of the rehabilitative treatment types from the list above.Write 5-6 pages that address the following:The name and purpose of each selected rehabilitative treatmentThe scope of the treatmentsWhat conditions or problems do the programs aim to treat?What are the limitations of the programs?What type(s) of offenders should be treated?How you classify offenders and treatment needs?The effectiveness of the programs within your rehabilitative treatment categoriesWhat types of offenders are ideal candidates for these types of treatments?Be sure to use examples to support your explanation.In 3-4 pages additional words, discuss the impact that one of your selected rehabilitative treatments has had on the field of corrections and society’s view of offender rehabilitation within the last 10 years.