Directions: Read the questions below and provide a thorough response in your own words using proper APA guidelines for formatting and citations.  Your answer to each question should be at least one half of one page in length.  Please provide examples from the textbook, required videos, or required Web resources, if applicable.1.            Explain the verbal cues that people generate and provide the listener (interviewer) and the responses the interviewer should (or should not) make when these cues are given.2.            It is well known that subjects are more aware of their speech (if they are lying, etc.) than they are of their body language. Write about this phenomena and the fact that subjects generate more body language symptoms than speech symptoms. How is this useful?3.            As a police investigator, how do you handle a suspect that is being interviewed who is overly courteous? Do you rebuke them to stop? Encourage it? Let him/her know you are onto them? Believe they are truthful? Write your suggestions by answering each of the situations mentioned.4.            Explain the distinctions of speech dysfluency, dysfunction, or speech errors.5.            Explain the different levels of depression and how this knowledge assists in the interview process.6.            According to the text, what kinds of religious objects may be displayed in the interview room and describe how the interviewer can use them to get truthful responses.7.            Outline the practicality of decoding speech characteristics indicating the current stress response of the victim, witness, or especially the suspect and tell how these can be used to help bring about a confession or the truth.8.            How are memory lapses a common and troublesome method of denial used by deceptive subjects?9.            Describe deceptive “yes” and “no” responses, bargaining tactics, complaining for sympathy, gray statements, and religious statements.10.       What are the many types of denial-flag and weighted expressions that are commonly used to preface stories that a subject wishes you to use to buffer their testimony?