Homework Internet law

After completing your reading for this week do you believe Federal Laws that regulate Privacy over the Internet can and will stay up to date with the inventions and innovations?Begin by giving a general overview of the swift nature in which the Internet was created and presented to the public consumers.Then move forward and discuss the Federal Laws involved in regulating privacy.Lastly, what do you think about the advances? Does the law stay up to date with the Internet’s advances? Why or Why not? What other changes do you propose?Please write 2-3 Pages and use APA Format.Reading:Cyber Law: Text and Cases, Third Edition – Chapter 1 Introduction to Cyber LawGerald R. Ferrera, Margo E. K. Reder,Robert C. Bird, Jonathan J. Darrow,Jeffrey M. Aresty, Jacqueline Klosek, andStephen D. Lichtenstein