Law Homework

In today’s correctional environment, it is very important to establish a method of correctional treatment.In this assignment, you will address the following scenario:As a correctional administrator, you are in charge of a boot camp filled with males who were sentenced there as a last resort. The offenders have committed nonviolent crimes and have a minimum of a high school diploma.If you were a correctional administrator, which correctional treatment model would you subscribe to? Explain your answer by giving examples on how the correctional treatment model would improve your facility.Assignment Guidelines:Address the following in 3–5 paragraphs:Which of the 2 correctional treatment models would you apply to the above scenario? Why?Specifically, how would this model improve the facility?How would the scenario have to change for you to select the alternate model?Post a new topic to the Discussion Board that contains your responses pertaining to the above information.Comment on at least 2 other students’ posts, and either provide further information to support their model selection, or thoroughly explain why you have selected the appropriate model.