violent crimes

project Draft SubmissionDue Week 8 and worth 200 pointsIn Week 2, you submitted your Topic Selection and Proposal. Throughout the length of the course, you have read about your topic, increased your knowledge about your topic, and gathered credible information while conducting research on your topic. Now, you get to consolidate all of your research and assignments into one deliverable final Research Project.The Basics of APA Style Tutorial is helpful in writing your paper.Write a four(4) page paper in which you:Give a brief explanation of your chosen topical area (violent crimes).Based on your chosen topic, define the problems and challenges that exist in crime and criminology. Explain the historical issues that have contributed to the problems and challenges.Address the internal and external stakeholders and how they contribute to both the problems and the solutions in crime and criminology.Discuss the data and information that you have collected while conducting research on your topic. Discuss how the data relates to the problems and challenges in crime and criminology.Develop a solution that addresses the problems and challenges in crime and criminology, based on your research.Use at least eight (6) scholarly sources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia,, and general websites do not qualify as scholarly.