Is it possible for anyone to critique these two articles?

You will select 2 articles from the 5 articles presented in Module/Week 6. You will prepare a single review that analyzes both articles in a manner that comports with the requirements of the Article Critique Grading Rubric.Student:CriteriaPoints PossiblePoints EarnedInstructor’s CommentsTitle page includes name, class, instructor’s name, and date.10Abstract is 150–250 words.15Abstract properly conveys an overview of the summary of the articles.15Summary section is 3–5 pages.15·   There is a logical flow to the summary and the analysis of the articles uses clear and concise language.·   Are the criminal justice issues raised in the articles thoroughly analyzed from a criminal justice and biblical/Christian worldview perspective?·   Incorporates important details and citations from both articles.30No grammar, spelling, or citation errors.10Reference page is formatted in current APA style.5Total100Questioning Reform – The Light of Accountability: Why Partisan Elections Are the Best Method of Judicial SelectionCampaign Contributions Compromising the Independent Judiciary?