four topics one page. not double space. on law school applications

Topic OneThe legal profession plays a vital role in the pursuit of justice and in sustaining the institutions of society, including governments, private corporations and organizations, nonprofit organizations, families and individuals. Please write a statement discussing why you want to become a member of the legal profession and why you think you are prepared for the ethical, professional, and time demands of the profession.Topic TwoWhat is your reason for choosing the University of School of Law? How does the institution meet your educational and/or your professional goalsTopic ThreeThe University of  School of Law seeks to enroll a wide variety of students (including individuals from groups underrepresented in the legal profession as well as those who have experienced economic, social, or educational disadvantages because of their personal circumstances or characteristics). We find that a breadth of experiences and viewpoints enriches the educational environment for everyone. Please write a statement discussing what you might contribute to the diversity of experiences and viewpoints of the student body.Topic FourThe School of Law is committed to a full evaluation of your credentials. Please set forth any circumstances you believe may have negatively affected your cumulative undergraduate grade-point average, your performance on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and/or your participation in service or extracurricular activities.