Research paper (cultural differences)

Research paper (cultural differences)————————Imagine that you are a doctor employed by a For-Profit healthcare facility in the U.S.   You have gotten your MBA and have five years’ experience running a clinic for this corporation.   Your employer now decides to acquire legal control of a healthcare facility in a developing country. The facility runs two clinics.   [The real you gets to pick the country.]   Your employer is going to get financial incentives from the government of that country,  which is trying to build out the healthcare infrastructure,  and from the World Health Organization.Your charge or mission is to develop better, more comprehensive health care to mothers, pre- and post-natally,  and to children.The hope is that if you,  on behalf of your corporate employer,  are successful,  your employer may be able to then get governmental permission to establish larger facilities which will in fact be profit centers over the longer term.  This “starter project” is going to receive financial incentives as specified, but your employer has emphasized that you do have to at least break even by the end of the third year.  During the first year,  WHO will act as the “health insurance company”,*  compensating your company a fixed amount for each patient visit,  and for each out-patient procedure.   You will not be doing any in-patient surgery.  The government of the country is waiving any tax revenue for the first five years.What will the cultural obstacles to achieving your mission be?  Research and explain the cultural differences between the U.S. and the country you chose – but only the differences that will be relevant to explaining the cultural obstacles to your specific mission,  obstacles you will face as one of the treating physicians and also as the manager of the two clinics,  one urban and one rural,  that you are going to be in charge of.Using the tools of analysis presented in this course, suggest reasonable ways to resolve the issues you have identified.*I don’t think WHO does this….but we’re pretending a little bit,  so it’s okay.Make sure that you footnote copiously,  using Chicago style with full information footnotes at the bottom of the page. EACH fact gets its own footnote.  There is no specific word limit,  but being overly vague or general  will not yield good results,  and neither will being wordy.    The way you ORGANIZE your paper WILL count for part of your grade, as will the quality of your research,  and the sufficiency.   Instructions for Chicago Style footnotes can be found in the Marist Online Library.  Go to Research Tools>Reference Shelf>Citation Styles (blue tab)>Chicago/Turabian>Chicago Manual of Style Online.Make sure your upload is a WORD document.   Make sure it is ONE single Word document….do not create a bibliography as a separate document.  Make the bibliography PART of your answer document.Once you’ve researched and written it, leave it for a day, then come back and edit it.  The way or ORGANIZE your paper WILL count for part of your grade,  as usual,  as will the quality of your research and the sufficiency of your footnotes.