business law

You are required to find a contact to analyze and examine for legal issues. The contract could be found online or as a hard copy included in a face-to-face transaction or with a letter. Try to use a contract that you have personally agreed to in a prior transaction or that would be part of a planned future transaction. Evaluate the contract using concepts from the course. For example, what method would the offeree be required to use to indicate acceptance? You can also comment on issues not mentioned in the contract – what are the consequences of being silent about a matter? Explain how these matters affect (beneficial /detrimental) the offeror or offeree. You should be able to identify at least four legal issues you have studied in this course.Your analysis must be double-spaced, font size 12 and between 500 to 700 words in length. (1)Analyze the legal issues. (2) Explain the law. (3) Describe any possible impact on the parties. Include a copy of the contract as an addendum to your evaluation. You will lose points if you do not include the contract. (50 points)GRADING RUBRICWriting assignments will be graded on the analysis, coherence, and editing (grammar and mechanical correctness).