I need a positive comment based in this argument..between 150-200 words

At the beginning of my nursing career I did not have much experience with death but in the last couple of years that has changed. My previous unit was a telemetry unit that had a lot of hospice patients. Seeing people suffer that way made me feel afraid of death. I know during the first few months I would talk about it with my husband often. I felt the need to make sure he knew what I wanted. I now work in L&D and postpartum and I have seen more death here than I’d like to have. We serve a community that get more than their fair share of drug addicts and immigrants that do not seek prenatal care and sometimes give birth at home. I don’t feel as afraid of death anymore. Even though seeing a baby pass away is always very sad, there is always such a peace about them. I don’t know what is waiting for me after death but I know I am not afraid to find out anymore.