exam oriented simple expalntaion of schizophrenia,etiology ,risk factors,signs ,symptoms and treatment.definition schizophrenia is a condition charectrized by disturbances in thinking ,memmory and

exam oriented simple explanation of schizophrenia,etiology ,risk factors,signs ,symptoms and treatment.

  • what is schizophrenia
  • types of schizophrenia
  • etiology
  • risk factors
  • management

SCHIZOPHRENIA is a very complicated mental illness,it is very difficult to diagnose this condition because the signs and symptoms are interrelated with other mental ilness.detailed mental  status examination and observation are necessary to find out the exact type of schizophrenia.schizophrinic patients will get afftected with other mental illness also (eg:PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder.)there are lot of researches are happening in the field of schizophrenia study .