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This is what I am looking for:1-CJ203: Week 5Explain the Youth Firearms Violence Initiative. Choose one of the strategies and tactics shown in Table 8.2 (p. 246). Explain the program in depth and its effectiveness in reducing juvenile weapons crimes.Requirements:2-3 pages double spacedAt least two reliable sources used other than the text (not Wikipedia)and2-CJ203 Week 7Look at the Blueprints programs on pages 377-384. Choose one of these programs to study and write a 3-5 page paper explaining the program. Be sure to include the goals or mission of the program, who it targets, and why you think it has been successful, as well as any other important information you think we should know about the program. You will have to use outside sources for this assignment.Requirements:3-5 pagesUse at least 3 reliable sources (not Wikipedia)