law midterm

It is an online exam. I have 1.30 hrs for 3 essay question. Please make sure you can handle it.Some suggested areas of concentration for the exam are below.uEmployment-at-Will: You will need to state the particulars of the Employment-at-Will doctrine and apply one or more exceptions to Employment-at-Will to determine if they are applicable. You should review that section of the e-book. You should also review the Guz v. Bechtel National Inc. case.uDiscrimination based on race: You will need to know the theories of race discrimination and apply them to a specific factual situation. Please review the material on Title VII Lawsuits. You should re-read the Connecticut v. Teal case. Please also review Vaughn v. Edel.Discrimination based on gender: You will need to determine from a specific factual context whether an employee has been the victim of gender discrimination and/or sexual harassment. Please review the materials on Recognizing Gender Discrimination, including the case of Wedow v. City of Kansas City, Missouri. Also, study the material on Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment and the cases of Ross v. Double Diamond, Inc. and Andrews v. City of Philadelphia.u