Brief and sammury These Cases;1- Justice Holmes Dissenting in Abrams V. United State (1919).2- Brandenburg V. Ohio (1969).The reqiermts that my instoctuer excpect from me as what is :-The first paragraph is your introductory paragraph.  Tell me why you are writing to me and a brief synopsis of what will follow: the cases you briefed, etc.,.Then, for each major form of participation, spend a paragraph discussingsubstantively that participation. For example, discuss some points about the topic. Etc. So, explain the materials carefully (I will use these paragraphs to assist in my doing a qualitative measure of your participation). If a case, tell me about the case itself AND about the contribution you made in class. Remember, This is a thoughtful documentation, reflection and representation of your oral contribution and explanation of the substance of the materials.- Agree or Dissagree with other classmate topic that they have talked about in the classroom.- How you correlate with yourclassmates.- Free plaigrisme.- Yous your own words.Form requirements:- 2 full pages each Case.- single space, but double space between paragraphs.- do not indent paragraphs.- italicize or underline the names of cases.- 1 inch margins on all sides and typed in 12 point Times Roman font.Please make sure follow these steps as what it is.Due the end of this day.