Criminal Justice

You are the director of Worldwide Security for a Fortune 500 credit agency, a certified fraud examiner (CFE), an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), and you have in excess of twenty fraud investigators. You make presentations to universities throughout the country as well as at professional conferences about the dangers and true occurrences of fraud. You were just asked to review a case of identity theft of university professors, which started out as a couple professors receiving unexplained bills.Within a month, fifteen professors from all of the different departments started noticing unexplained charges and credit accounts on their credit reports.The new accounts took the form of credit cards, revolving credit accounts, car loans, school loans, and so forth. You were asked for your help because you are an expert in the field.Please post an answer to 5 of the following 7 questions. Support your answers with academic or real life criminal justice examples to accentuate your point.In your opinion, what would be your plan to review the case of identity theft toward the university professors? Why?Do you think identity theft can be controlled? How would you propose to control it or at least slow it down?How would you protect the college professors from any fraudulent acts against them after the identity theft has been discovered?How would you identify all of the victims of identity theft? How would identifying all of the victims help you in your investigation?What are some of the investigative methods that you would use to identify the perpetrators of the identity theft crimes?If you were requested by the president of the college to create a loss prevention education workshop for the staff and professors, what would you include in the workshop? How would you evaluate the success of the lessons being presented in the workshop?What punishment do you think the perpetrator should receive for his or her crime?Paper length 3-5 pages