ICD 10 discussion post

250 Word minimum; APA Format

Must use ICD 10 PCS 2017 Book and if using Google must be 2017 Guidelines

Directions must be followed exact:

Refer to the âICD 10 -PCS Official Guidelines for Coding and Reportingâ and go to the âMedical and Surgical Section Guidelinesâ. All of these guidelines begin with a âBâ. From the âBâ guidelines choose two guidelines and do the following for each guideline you chose:

  • Read the guideline to yourself and read about it in your textbook if that guideline is there. If itâs not found in your textbook, Google the guideline to understand it further.
  • Re write the guideline in your own words that make sense to you and as you would write it to instruct your classmates.
  • You can do this in either a written format or a power point format.
  • Give an example of a code based on the guideline and give the code description.
  • Organize your information so that it is reader friendly, organized, and makes the information clear. (Example: Use bullets or separate your information with âwhite spaceâ and donât use sentences run together in one paragraph.)