Research —

For this task you need to write a 1500 word essay. In your essay you must summarise, evaluate and critique three (3) sources relevant to the case study.

There are three (3) parts to this essay:

Part 1: Annotated Bibliography (600 words)

Part 2: Justification for your choice of sources (700 words)

Part 3: Recommendations for clinical practice (200 words)

NB* Necessary Tips for Writing your essay

·      Presentation and structure of the paper should support a logical flow of arguments. Word limits for assessment items need to be strictly adhered to. The word limit for an assessment item includes in text citations, tables and quotations. The word limit DOES NOT include the reference list. Please note the marker will cease marking your submitted work once they have reached the allocated word limit.  

  • You may use headings to structure your essay.
  • Use academic language throughout, and use the third person unless otherwise instructed.
  • Ensure that you use scholarly literature[2] (digitised readings, research articles, relevant Government reports and text books) that has been published within the last 6 years
  • Refer to the marking criteriawhen writing your assignment. This helps to ensure you address all criteria and assist you in calculating the weightings of the sections for your assignment.

Your justification and recommendations should be supported by no fewer than 9 different sources (not including those provided) from scholarly literature.