Select the Population and Identify Attributes of the Population

mission, vision, select population There are two elements to this part of the project: 1.Population health aims to improve the health of a specific population. This week you will select a population either from where you work or intern, or one from your community. In 1-2 pages identify the population you have selected. Describe the characteristics of the population. These characteristics could include age, gender, ethnicity, health practices, health status, and/or socio-economic status. You will develop a strategic plan to help this population (develop a program for example). This is the second part –

1.All strategic plans begin with a mission statement and vision statement. In 1 page, write your mission statement and vision statement for your population and the health plan you anticipate developing to address the health needs of that population. After each, briefly (in 1-2 paragraphs) explain your reasoning for developing the mission and vision statements. Be sure to format your research source per APA standards and use in-text citations where necessary. Also, be sure to include a reference page.